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In the past couple of weeks, DragonStack has seen an influx of new faces joining the team, with additions in every department in the office. Many of these new arrivals are here to take advantage of the Dragonstack Internship Scheme!

Firstly, the Development department has welcomed three new members to their growing team.

Luka Hristic has joined DragonStack on a work placement, as part of his Multi-Platform Application Development Course, and helps with developing smartphone apps.


Similarly, Francisco Javier Mazarío Morales is working as a web developer, and works on a wide range of products.


Bernat Martínez Alemany is also working as a web developer, helping to implement new services for clients. He is on a work experience placement at DragonStack as part of his Undergraduate course.


Secondly, in the administration department, we have been joined by Miguel Ángel Bernabé Fernández. Miguel helps out with a wide variety of administrative work, and is here on an internship as part of a Finance and Administration course.


Last, but by no means least, we have Sonia Migani, who has joined the expanding sales team. Sonia and the team help to broaden the reach of our social media and marketing products.

Sonia Migani

With this expansion comes the need for more space. As a result, the DragonStack offices have expanded in size in order to accommodate all of the newcomers. This new space will include a new sales office, as well as a staff canteen.

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