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CMS minWe have talked before about why not to use a CMS site so we thought it would be good to give you some information about when it is good to use platforms like Wordpress and Joomla.

There is no question that the CMS structure does come with some advantages. The biggest of them must be speed of development.

In a bespoke development site would generally need to have an administration section built to allow you, the user, to change content on your site. In a CMS this already exists giving you your fully operational administration platform from day one.

The main issue with a CMS site is flexibility and updating. A site of this nature has a technical straight jacket that restricts what you can do, something that is not the case on a site that has a bespoke build.

So when should you use a CMS platform? If you are looking at building a simple brochure site with static information, we believe that a brochure site is ideal for you. It allows you to be up and running quickly and with a much smaller development cost.

However even a simple CMS site must be managed. All of the CMS platforms release updates on a regular basis. Some of these updates are to increase functionality, some to deal with updates to browsers and some for security reasons. Whatever the reason your site might become vulnerable if these updates are not done.

DragonStack have realised that these updates can be a little onerous for clients and so they have developed a CMS package to take the headache out of keeping your website up to date.

DragonStack’s CMS packages include The Website Build, Hosting, Domain Name, SSL Certificate, Updates to the platform (including plugins and components) and annual redevelopment of the site. These packages do not have a large development cost but a smaller monthly charge. A straightforward brochure site would be about €50 a month.

For more information about our CMS packages please check out the DragonStack website https://www.dragonstack.com/en/cms-websites, or give us a call to talk through the options.

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