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According to a study presented in April 2017 by the IAB, the association that represents the advertising sector in digital media, 86% of users use social networks daily.

For years, social networks have gone beyond the communication between friends and have also become a fundamental tool to integrate in any business strategy.

The user goes from being passive, that is, someone who does not intend to buy, to becoming a potential customer. Clients wants to talk and communicate with the brand, always demanding a constant dialogue to show their satisfaction, even if they he have already bought the product. They like to comment on it and interact with the brand.

For a strategy to work, it has to be well planned, that is:

How to reach your target?

What are the most appropriate channels?

These are the questions you should ask yourself before starting anything. It is a process that you must carry out in order to know your clients well, to know their tastes and concerns. With these answers, you will know which social networks are the most used by your potential target clients.

To make your work easier, DragonStack offers advice when choosing which social networks are the best for your business. For example: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter are the main ones, but not all of them are ideal for the audience you want to reach, so you always should research what is the best platform for you.

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