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GraphicDesignWhen needing to do graphic design for our own company it is very common to do it ourselves or with the help of our nephew who is not a professional but spends a lot of time with computers, after all. However, these options can lead to several mistakes. So, it is time to ensure no graphic design mistakes by avoiding the following points.

1)    Missing the overall point

The most important thing is to stay focused on the objective we are pursuing. It does not matter whether we want to sell more, improve our brand awareness or any other objectives we may have. The worst mistake is missing the goal and, in order to avoid that, one cannot be guided by personal opinions but by what the objective requires in terms of quantity and quality.

2)    Not understanding our audience

Understanding and targeting the audience is vital to ensure the best approach possible. Many times, when companies do their graphic designs, they misunderstand the audience they should tackle which, in turn, means impersonal or inappropriate designs.

3)    Not showing what we mean

Together with the former points, this error occurs constantly because of the lack of focus. It is believed that a higher quantity of information means more information but sometimes the more information we provide, the less clear the speech is. But why? Frequently the appropriate icons or symbols are not employed and sometimes we contradict ourselves by using two icons with different meanings. Hence, we should check that everything appearing in the design is justified and help us express ourselves as a brand

4)    Not taking advantage of white space

Following the same direction of the previous point, we must take into consideration the quantity of elements being used in the design. For some marketing people, designs should contain as much text and elements as possible. They dread white space but not only does white space help readability it also helps to harmonize and give hierarchy to elements.  Besides, how many of us would read an advert full of text? Often, we do not even do it with articles, we just scan them and pay attention to what we consider catchy. The same thing applies to advertisements.

5)    Bad Typography decisions

The impulse to make a very expressive design can lead to mistakes such as selecting an inappropriate typography or font for our design. For example, it is not uncommon to see an ad where too many fonts have been used. The bad thing about using too many fonts is that their effect fades off and the text becomes a puzzle. Because of this it is recommended to pay attention to the quantity of fonts we are employing in our design as well as to how these fonts look. This is important because they can decrease legibility when their size or contrast are not the ideal ones. Moreover, a bad selection of font could ruin the design by adding non-planned nuances.

6)    Not using the best tools and software for that

The biggest issues when using non-professional software are related to colour scheme. The colours we see on screen will never be the same as those on the printed end designs but, at least, using the specific tools we can know what they will look like and ensure the finish will be as professional as it can be. In addition, free tools lack many interesting features, while the standard industry programs used by a professional can exploit and extract the best of creativity and exporting formats.

7)    Bad delivering formats

People not experienced in design can easily fall into the mistake of saving files in JPG assuming that is all they need. However, not thinking of the image definition can become a problem and result in a poorly printed document or barely readable internet post. It can also happen that the colour scheme is not suitable or transparencies and cut-die are not accepted because of the format, among others. Therefore, the solution should come from being aware of what the format restrictions will be and always plan ahead of time, what format and what specifications must be taken into consideration before delivering the design.

If you want to be sure none of these errors will happen to you or your design, consider being helped by a professional. DragonStack and its talented graphic design department can create any type of design you need, always offering the best quality and checking the best options and ideas for your creative and designing problems. Do not forget, at DragonStack, your graphic design company on the Costa Blanca, your challenge is accepted.

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