Bespoke Websites

It is easy to believe that a CMS website can solve all your problems. However, DragonStack clients are often surprised about the issues they can face with this off the shelf option for a more complex website. If you are looking to develop anything other than a basic brochure site we would advise you to have a bespoke purpose built website. You might also be surprised to find out that they cost a lot less than you may think.

A PHP Site can Fit all your Needs.

DragonStack will create a website solution in either HTML or PHP. A PHP website will have the benefit of a database which will give the client a purpose built management console, enabling them to update their content whenever they wish. Building a website with PHP makes the contents dynamic allowing the user to view information specifically pertaining to their needs. Our support packages, ensure that DragonStack is always there to guide you through the use of your site and protect it from any malicious attacks that are common on the internet today. Give your company the website it deserves. Contact DragonStack today.

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