PR Costa Blanca

Although we cover many disciplines here at DragonStack for some services we work with third party companies. PR Costa Blanca offers an excellent social media service that can be tailored for your business and we can integrate their services seamlessly with your products from DragonStack.

Facebook management

Every business needs an online presence that often isn’t covered by just having a website, you also need an active social media presence for customers to reach you. Regular posting, interesting content and up-to-date information is what’s needed but isn’t manageable for many busy business owners. PR Costa Blanca will design a bespoke campaign that allows you to run the business, and reap the rewards of a well run Facebook page. Photos, videos and text in multiple languages can help you reach your target market to increase sales and noticeability.


Love your product or service but can’t find the words to describe it? Let us! Newsletters and Blogs are an easy way to keep your clients up-to-date but, it’s got to be interesting, fun to read and be able to sell your business. Keeping to a regular update schedule can be hard, so allow PR Costa Blanca to create it for you. We’ll manage your databases and ensure that it links all your business elements together.

Video design

Short, informative, funny videos are one of the best ways to engage people with your business. From demonstrations to tours of your venue, we can help to advertise everything you have to offer, which can be used on your website and all of your social media too.

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