Real Estate Telephone Solutions

Real Estate Agents have specific requirements from a telephone system.

Like many businesses, it is important to have a flexible solution that gives a professional interface with your clients.

DragonStack’s professional telephone solutions are built to give you the flexibility your Real Estate Business needs.

Flexibility of Location - DragonStack telephone systems are not limited to one physical location. With a combination of physical handsets and mobile dealing apps your staff can be part of your internal network regardless of their global location.

Flexibility of Calling - With possible incoming numbers from over 65 countries, you can make it easy for your clients to call you from your main customer destinations. Not only can your clients call you by making a local call but you can route their call directly to your staff who speak their language.

Flexibility of Cost - When making a call on the DragonStack telephone system you can take advantage of our excellent call charges. Most destination number have no connection charge and the standard per minute call charge is much less than your national provider.

Flexibility of Functionality - Your DragonStack telephone system comes with certain functionality as standard. Voicemail, Time Specific Actions, Call Transfers, Call Forwarding and Multi Level Menus are all part of the package.

Call us today to talk about the possibilities for your Real Estate Agency. The next call you make could be very different.