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DragonStack specialises in supplying telephone termination for clients who have a high turn over of calls.

If you have a team of people making telephone calls nationally or internationally you will know that this can have a large impact on your companies budgets. DragonStack ensure that you get the best value for money possible without reducing the quality of your calls. DragonStack is able to offer preferential call rates for volume clients and can typically reduce a companies call costs by up to 60%.

DragonStack can interface their call solutions into your existing infrastructure, or design and implement a new solution for you, either locally or on the cloud.

DragonStack understand that for every minute you can not make a call, you are not making money, and so has a number of redundant systems that will make sure that you have the maximum amount of up time possible.

If you are not sure if you are a volume client, contact us today and we can analyse your current usage and give you the best options for your business.

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