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The Right people

DragonStack is a flexible design and marketing company which specialises in giving your company the support needed in the digital world we now live in.

Companies are more aware of the power of marketing and the prominence that the internet has within any marketing strategy they put together.

Whether you are looking to promote a business, a service or a single product, DragonStack can give you the best advice at an affordable price, putting together a package that best supports the growth of your company.

What products/services do we provide?

DragonStack has always looked at a company’s IT products as a whole package no individual items that work in isolation. As a result it is keen not to be limited to a set list of products. You IT solutions should be innovative and complimentary to your other IT systems and your business as a whole.

How long have we been in business?

Our core staff have been working in IT on the Costa Blanca for over 10 years. DragonStack itself was founded in 2011 and has steadily grown over the years, with more staff supporting more clients in an ever increasing portfolio of products.

What markets do we serve?

DragonStack has specialised in the Real Estate market, mainly because of its work in data feeds, but it is not limited to this market or to any geographical area. We support clients in a wide variety of professions, comedians, motivational speakers, sports clubs and medical services are just some of the examples of current clients. You are the expert of your business, tell us how you work and let us design the systems to support you.

Do not ask us what we do - Tell Us What you Need

Our challenge is to develop IT systems to support your business. We are not creating one solution to fit all.

Complete Website Service

DragonStack offers all the components needed to create a successful website. Hosting and Domain Names for the set up, great design services to give you an eye catching site and SEO to make sure your site is found.

Database Integration

Databases from DragonStack integrate seamlessly with your systems giving you the functionality to support your company, staff and clients. Stack our database solutions with our telephone and web systems and see how they can work together.

Mobile Applications

Your company can be in the palm of your hand with innovative applications for the main mobiles and tablets on the market today. Applications can be for customer or staff use and give exactly the level of functionality required.

VoIP Phone Systems

Let DragonStack create your telephone system. We do not do off the shelf systems, all company telephone systems from DragonStack are personally configured to give you exactly the functions you desire without the huge cost.

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