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Websites built in a CMS framework like Joomla and Wordpress have become more and more popular in recent years. The speed of build and the relatively low cost has meant that many people new to web development have turned their hand to this type of website build.

However building a CMS site is not as easy as it seems and a novice developer can come across many issues in the building process. The heavy reliance on multiple third party developers as well as security issues can cause problems and upgrade options can be confusing. It is also sometimes necessary to amend the coding of elements of the site that can lead to major issues when updating the sites.

DragonStack CMS Package

At DragonStack we took the decision to make our bespoke sites cost effective so that it was not such a big step to have a purpose built site. However we do understand that sometimes, especially for a straight forward brochure site, a CMS site can be cost effective and so we have developed our CMS website package.

We identified that one of the biggest issues of a CMS site is the regular updates, both of the main platform and the built in Plugins, Modules and Components. DragonStack clients looking at a CMS site build pay a monthly fee usually of around €52*, the initial three months to be paid up front.

The monthly fee includes:

The initial website build

Main Platform Updates

Plugins, Modules and Component Updates

Regular site backups

Hosting (up to 5 GB)

Domain Name

Further Site development (within the parameters of the site)

Registration on Google Analytics with access via own account if required

SSL Certificate

New Site Design (Annually)

Disaster Recovery

Site Support (via phone or email

User interface for updating content

5 email accounts (within hosting, space restrictions apply)

Registration on Google Webmaster tools with access via own account if required

CMS development of a basic brochure site usually takes about one week after the receipt of all the content material from the client.
* Based on a 10 page static brochure site. Tax not included.

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