Database Design

Databases for Your Information

The most valuable thing to any business is its data, any infrastructure can be replaced, but once data is lost it is fairly irreplaceable. Looking after your data and using it correctly is of paramount importance, and this is where a database becomes an essential tool in this current digital age.

Maximise the Potential of your Data

DragonStack is experienced in providing scalable database solutions to suit your business needs. We can examine your current working practices and operating procedures and advise you on the best solution to maximize the potential of the data you hold. Databases have almost limitless possibilities and are not only tools for holding data. The many benefits include:

Negating the issues of duplicate data through relating records together.

Making data easier to search for.

Allowing your data to instigate certain actions, like sending emails to clients, when certain criteria are net.

Making data entry easier and more accurate through the use of drop down fields, check boxes and other forms of validation.

Allowing your data to be dynamic.

Database in the Cloud

For any business model a database solutions hosted on the internet can bring significant advantages. Internet use today is very mobile and this allows businesses to access their data wherever they have an internet connection.

Your Data on the Move

Database solutions are written in PHP and are hosted on DragonStack's own dedicated server to ensure security of your data. Daily backups of your database together with the data are part of the standard procedures on the server, allowing for full disaster recovery.

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